What to bring to Vegas

The 5 Things You Cannot Do Without When Packing for Vegas

What to bring to Vegas? Las Vegas should be in everyone’s bucket list. From the glamorous strip to the serene Red Rock Canyon, there is something for everybody here!

While many tourists say that all you need to do is to pack your clothes and bring money, we beg to disagree. Going to Las Vegas is much more rewarding if you come prepared.

So, what to bring to Vegas then?

Fuji Max Real Camera

You do not need a printer. It is printed directly from your camera. It is very easy to use.

While your phone has one, it is not enough. This is most especially so if you plan a trip to Red Rock, Grand Canyon etc. The same applies to the city. These are also perfect for a bridal party.

Your phone simply does not have the capability to capture the impressive sights here.

Certainly, you do not want lugging a heavy camera inside a casino, and you will not even be permitted to take it there. But hey, just keep it handy in the hotel, and grab it for the right occasion.

Different Types of Clothing

Comfortable shoes are a MUST!

Plan to party? Plan to swim? Hike? Walk? Bring a sweater or jacket no matter what time of year it it. Casinos can be cold.

Oh, you will never know. Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for everybody. You will find a lot of activities here that you never planned to be a part of.

You definitely do not want to be out of place or not go simply because you have no clothes apt for the event. Forget about buying it in Las Vegas—unless that’s your thing.

To be ready, bring swimwear, sneakers, casual or formal shirts, a sweater sandals, jeans, and formal or smart casual wear.

Never miss an event just because you do not have the clothing for it!

Your Electronic Gear

Should you guys decide to take a helicopter trip, or a long ride to the Grand Canyon, your battery juice is going to dry up.

When packing for Vegas, do not forget:

  • Extra battery
  • Charger
  • Battery pack

While on the road, charge your phone and cameras to ensure these devices are ready for the breathtaking things you are about to see. Throw in a speaker there, too, or Alexa dot if you have one. Do not forget your WiFi!

Sanitary and Medical Stuff

You cannot expect to find these things everywhere in the city. When packing for Vegas, do not forget to bring:

These things should be handy anytime they are needed. Pack them in your small purse along with your electronic back-up.

Money and Cards

Las Vegas is a place where you are supposed to spend. Bring cash with you. ATM fees can be costly on The Strip. Make sure you have a budget that you will stick to.

Bring enough cash to pay tips, eat out, and bet at gambling tables. You surely are not going to Vegas without visiting any of the gambling joints.

Bring cash and cards. You do not want to spend an afternoon of frustration when banking systems are down and cannot accept cards. Use the cards as your primary payment method and pay cash only if the card readers are down.

What to bring to Vegas Summary

Now that you know what to being to Vegas, make your specific list from these categories that we recommend. Plan your itinerary and activities, and pack according to your plans, with a little bit of extra just in case you guys decide to cancel one plan and take another one.

Find out what the weather is gonna be so you pack the right clothing. There is no need to bring a jacket during the summer, but it certainly makes sense during winter.

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And most importantly, pack the right attitude. You go to Vegas to have fun. Spoilers are not allowed. Get yourself out there and mingle, have fun, and do the things you would never normally do, or cannot do, from your home.

Happy travels!

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