What Las Vegas is famous For?

what is Las Vegas famous for
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What is Las Vegas famous for? In the movies, it is always shown as a Mecca for gambling and fun. And of course, you may have already have heard of the saying that “what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

But why? Las Vegas is a place for adults. It is a place where you can legally enjoy carnal pleasures such as gambling, watching exotic shows, and all other things that money can buy.

Today, we will explore several things about what Las Vegas is famous for, and give you a perspective about these activities.


There are over 130 casinos in Las Vegas. And mind you, these casino joints are not small casinos. They are huge. This number does not even include slots and video poker machines that you would typically find in 7-11.

More than $10 billion is generated annually by these casinos joins, and you can find all sorts of games you could possible want. In Las Vegas, you can play slots, video poker, live poker against players, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and a whole slew of gambling games.

Las Vegas Shows

From Celine Dion to Barry Manilow, you can watch concerts from big names here. Las Vegas is the place to be if you want to get entertained. You can also choose from other types of shows like magic tricks, mind-reading, circus, acrobatic shows, animal shows, and so much more.

If you are looking for something more exotic and less grand, there are thousands of lounges and bars here where you can watch indie artists. The Las Vegas Strip is always alive with music. There are also hundreds of street performers.

If you are looking for big names, start at the MGM Grand and T-Mobile Arena. These are the two biggest places where concerts and big-name shows are held.

Vegas Food

If you have a palette that looks for that distinct taste, then Las Vegas is a smorgasbord of food that you do not want to miss. Here, you can fulfill your craving for any kind of cuisine—from Mediterranean to western, have your fill.

Each hotel here has roughly about 10 restaurants. There are hundreds of food joints here including those that you find on the street. You can eat a thousand-dollar meal for two or simply enjoy a reasonable hamburger in low-end joints.

Want a $5,000 hamburger? Go for it. You want buffet? Then go buffet restaurants where they serve more than 500 kinds of food!


If you love to party at night, then you are at the right place. By the time the sun goes down, you can go to pool clubs, night clubs, and bars where the party last all night long. You will be among people of your own kind—dancing to the music while the DJ rocks the party.

Get Married

How can we not include this? Las Vegas is a famous for its chapels where you can get married—legally. There are over 100,000 weddings that happen here each year. All you need to do is to find a chaplain to get the ceremony done for you.

No need for wedding pans and no need to feed hundreds of visitors. Just get your loved one here and get the ceremony done, and you are set for life.

And yes, you can get a divorce the following day.

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What is Vegas Famous For Summary

Las Vegas is the ultimate tourist destination in the world. It is always imitated, but never duplicated. You can enjoy adult entertainment, gambling, parties, shows and concerts, and a whole lot more.

Las Vegas is also popular for its racing strips where you can drive fast cars. If you want nature and museums, the place has a lot to offer, too.

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