Things not to do in Vegas|a must read

“Things not to do in Vegas” We asked our Love Las Vegas Facebook Community to answer this question. For a town where “anything goes’ there are a few things NOT to do.

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Do NOT Swim in the fountains. Do not spit on the sidewalk!

Don’t worry about resort fees. Its part of the expense. Have fun. Remember you are in Vegas!

Don’t lock yourself outside of hotel room. (carry your ID just in case.)

Do NOT sleep in the hallway.

Do Not go to a time share meeting.

Don’t go with someone who is always on a bitchy/bad mood.

Do NOT Get drunk and marry someone just for kicks.

Let us mention this again: Don not drink liquor all day and night then decide at 3:00 a.m. to get married.

Do NOT walk down Boulder Highway at night.

Advisable NOT take a cd from a seller on the bridges,

Do NOT pee in public.

Do not ignore cross-walking signs.

Again: Do NOT cross the street where you’re not supposed to. (way too many pedestrian injuries and deaths)

Don’t count on walking from hotel to hotel to hotel. Casinos on the strip are much farther apart than they appear. You can always bus, rides hare,cab, monorail.

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Don’t touch the escalator handrail in the height of summer 🔥 Actually, you should never touch the handrail lol 🤢 bring wipes.

Do not walk barefoot.

No drinking out of an open container on Fremont..👀🎰👎🏼

Don’t hang your purse on the back of your chair.

Don’t forget to recognize that over friendly couple. Unless you are into swingers.

Don’t go to bed early.

Don’t try walking to the nearest mountain in July.

Ladies: Do not sit anywhere in a mini skirt…girls you don’t know what’s living on those chairs…..

Do NOT pay full price for a drink.

Dont walk away from a heater.

Do NOT get get cash from the atm at the casinos. Very expensive!

Don’t bring all your cash with you. (Use hotel safe.)

Do not lock yourself out of your safe 🙄

Do not tell the girl you meet at Harrahs you will meet her at NYNY, you always stay with her because you will never find her again.

Don’t drink (or drug) and drive. Use ride share or taxis service.

Do not lose all your money.

Do not act timid. Be yourself.

Don’t wear heels. Or if you must pack some flats in your purse.

Do not take glass beer bottles on the strip.

Don’t Lose all your money in less than 1 hour.

Don not act normal.

Las Vegas tips

No hardcore drugs. Don’t be carried out on a stretcher 🤣🤣 or stroke a painting that has arrows 

Don’t piss off locals. Be nice and generous with awesome servers, bartenders, valet, bell hop.

Don’t leave. 🙂

If you do leave… Do not start drinking before your flight home!

Hope you enjoyed our community’s feedback on things not to do in Vegas! Let us know if you have anything to share! For the original post please visit our Love Las Vegas Facebook Group. Credit goes to our community. 🙂 If you want your name mentioned in this article for share, please let me know. I am also happy to share any of your photos.

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