Moving to Las Vegas|a dream come true?

Moving to Las Vegas

Are you planning on moving to Las Vegas? We are sure you must be really excited and enthusiastic to make this big decision. After all, it’s Vegas! Most of us dream of visiting Vegas and spend our vacations in the most amazing way possible.

You will surely have a great time ahead if you are planning to move to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is one of the most rapidly growing cities in America and the night life here is simply legendary. The city is full of entertainment and luxury. Las Vegas is world famous for all the money-minting games and classic chapels. This is a dream place for all the bachelorettes and bachelors to spend some crazy time with friends and strangers. And that’s not it; this place is pretty cool to live in as well.

Before you finalize your plan on moving to Vegas, it is important to know about the place and the people here. This will make you more prepared and will give some highlights on how you could adopting the lifestyle at such a majestic place.

Relocating Las Vegas: Job Market

Las Vegas is known to be a tourism industry. This is because a major chunk of the revenue generated by this city is from tourists and the hospitable workers who serve these tourists.

You might hunt for jobs in Vegas if you are planning to move. Vegas is all about hotels, casinos, and restaurants.

I had excellent NYC food server experience. What I did NOT realize is that experience is great for other cities. BUT even with all my contacts here in LAS VEGAS along with my NYC experience, it still took time to land the food server job. Employers on THE STRIP want STRIP experienced servers. Yes its a catch 22. Just be persistent. You may have to take food server “any” job to start.

In order to be a food server in Las Vegas, you will also need an alcohol awareness TAM Card, food handler’s safety health card, and possibly a Sheriff’s Card.

If you wish to do something other than these, you need to make some effort to hunt a job according to your preference.

Its best to have some savings before moving to Las Vegas. The hourly rate of wages can be low in Vegas. Union jobs can be the exception to this. Additionally, it may take some time to land the perfect job for you.

Or you can be like me. and move here with just a few hundred dollars, pregnant, and jobless in early 2002. It was very tough job market after 9-11. BUT 18 years later, we are still here. Las Vegas has been an awesome move for us. It hasn’t always been easy. But I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Car Registration, Insurance, Driving

Be sure to change you driver’s license within 30 days. Also change your tags. We received a $100 ticket in 2002 for not changing our tags within 30 days The police officer saw my husband saw my husband driving to work for months. Keep in mind that registration might be more money than you are used to paying. Also car insurance is a little higher as well. There are many uninsured drivers in Las Vegas. Also many drivers from out of state.

Lastly, be extra careful driving in Las Vegas.

There are drivers who are exhausted from shift work. Drivers from out of state who do not know where they are going!

No Income State Tax

You can save on state income taxes by moving to Las Vegas. This is because the state of Nevada does not have any income tax system. The sales tax is paid through tourism, casinos, and restaurants.

People who visit Vegas need to pay sales tax whenever they avail these services. Due to these reasons, Las Vegas is an idle place for entrepreneurs to bring in investment and set up new businesses. An idea can be easily implemented as there are no close competitors and any big ideas can be backed by finances very easily.

People in Las Vegas:

People living in Vegas take some time to open up. But once they realize that you are here as a permanent resident, they are really welcoming. Other than this, Vegas holds numerous benefits since it is a top tourist destination in the USA. You get to meet different people and interact with them. So, you definitely get to learn to expect from unexpected situations.

One of my favorite things about Las Vegas is the diversity in terms of people and culture. It makes for an interesting day at work! Its also good for the kids to know people from other cultures.

Moving to Las Vegas was a great move for us. I have two beautiful sweet Las Vegas kids. The weather is fabulous for much of the year. Traffic is not too bad comparing it to East Coast cities. (We are from DC and NYC). We are in a good school district. Kids are happy and well adjusted. It has been a dream come true.

If you are going to be a local soon, let me introduce you to the Big Horn Sheep Nevada. 🙂

If you need any suggestions, drop me a line. I would be happy to assist.

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