Las Vegas shows for kids 2020

las vegas shows for kids
Las Vegas shows for kids

Las Vegas shows for kids? This might have been unheard of in the olden days. But today, there are plenty of shows that are appropriate for children. One of the perks of living here in Las Vegas, is taking my children to shows. There is a little culture here after all. 🙂

Some people may say Las Vegas is NOT for kids. The people who say that probably don’t live here with their children. My teens do not wander off to Fremont or Saphires.. or hit the tables or the bar.

There are plenty of interesting activities you can enjoy with your family. With that in mind, in this article you can find a list with some of the coolest shows for kids. You should consider checking out at least one of these shows.

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil is one of the best circus acts in the US. Which is what makes it ideal for kids. You get to see acrobatics, bungee, trampolines, trapeze experiences and so on. This is a magnificent show, and it’s very interesting and fun for the entire family.

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King has his own magic show, and it’s a pretty nice one. There are many interesting illusions you can see here, not to mention that many of these experiences are interactive and he even involves kids. That makes it a good and fun show for kids.

Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group has been performing in Vegas since 2000, and they have an explosive show. They have music, various otherworldly objects, and all of that comes into play to create a very good, unique show.

V The Ultimate Variety Show

At V The Ultimate Variety Show you and your kids will experience many thrilling and entertaining act. Every child will want to see the daredevil action and the excitement provided by these acts. That alone makes this an incredible experience.

Tournament of Kings

The Excalibur Hotel sticks to its name, and it creates the Tournament of Kings, a very fun experience for the entire family. Re-enacting the old times is exciting and a great way to get your kids interested in history. Plus, the visuals, amazing horses, and costumes will make a really fun show.

Free Circus Acts at Circus Circus

The great thing is that these circus visits are free and you will like them a lot. There are lots of kids coming with their parents every day to explore and enjoy these cool circus experiences. It goes to show that you can have tons of fun at the circus, provided that you find the right performance.

Terry Fator Show

Terry Fator is a ventriloquist, and the experiences here are designed for ages 5+. Unlike other ventriloquists he is not going for the more adult content. This is child-friendly, and that makes it one of the best shows for kids in Vegas.

These are some of the best performances created specifically for kids. If you’re very interested in finding the best shows for kids, these are some of the nicest ones in Las Vegas. We recommend you to check out as many of these as possible. They are really fun. You will certainly enjoy them quite a bit. Plus, the performances are amazing, and your kids will have something fun to remember for quite some time!

Maybe you are more interested in other Vegas attractions, check out the GoPass which is great for families.

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