2 Grand Reasons to Take Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours
Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours a thrill of a lifetime. Vegas is not just a casino strip. While Hollywood movies always show the hustle and bustle of city life, Las Vegas has something more to offer than the glimmering lights of casinos at night.

It is true that you come to Vegas for the glitz and glamor. But you are missing out on half the opportunity of a thrilling experience if you do not take one the Las Vegas helicopter tours.

Today, you will learn the top two destinations in Nevada and Arizona that should certainly be a part of your bucket list. Forget about the slot machines and the blackjack tables. 🙂 for a minute anyway.

For once, give yourself a chance to soar up in the air and marvel at the majesty of the Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon!

The Red Rock Canyon – A Worldwide Interest of Natural Beauty

Only a few miles from the city, the Red Rock Canyon is located within the Mojave Desert in Nevada. It is a protected conservation area. It is also a top tourist destination in the state.

Every year, more than 2 million people flock here to see the towering red rocks, to climb them, rappel down from them, and bike in the great outdoors of the Mojave Desert.

It is easy to take a land tour. You can drive from Las Vegas to the Red Canyon in about 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the route, and take photo-ops once you get there.

Las Vegas helicopter tours

But nothing beats seeing the grandness of nature from above. And you can only do this with Las Vegas helicopter tours.

Whether you want a customized tour or not, you can see the conservation park from high above and know what it feels like for birds to soar atop the Red Canyon.

Travel the scenic peaks and valleys, view the Calico basin, and fly low or high for 20 minutes with a grand view of the astonishing rock formations that make up the canyon!

Grand Canyon – a Staggering Natural Wonder of the World

This spot is farther from the Las Vegas Strip than the Red Canyon. There certainly is no other practical way to tour this but with Las Vegas helicopter tours.

The Grand Canyon is a 290 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, The canyon itself is 277 miles long.

So, what is there to see?

For one, the deepest part of the canyon is one mile from the Colorado River. To give you an idea how big it is, the Grand Canyon spans roughly 2,000 square miles. On a helicopter, you’d be lucky to view up to 100 miles from where you are sitting on a good day.

Simply put, the Grand Canyon is fabulous.

Perched inside your heli, take a good long look at the vibrant rock formations, the river that flows in the center of the canyon, and marvel at the wildlife that inhabits it.

While you may have seen the Grand Canyon in a movie like the Transformers, there is really nothing on this planet that would prepare you for the breathtaking experience as you pass through a land that was once inhabited by Desert Archaic people.

Yes, people lived here about 4,000 years ago. Surely, the Anasazi and Pueblo Indians knew the value of real estate as they camped here about 1,000 years BCE. If you have the opportunity, you may see some of the ancient ruins of adobe houses where these ancient civilizations lived.


Riding a bike and touring these canyons in a car are great. But if you are looking for an experience that will linger in your mind, an experience that your family will talk about for years, then nothing really beats Las Vegas helicopter tours. After all, it is not like you get to ride a bird every day.

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours: Reserve your flight seats today! Contact us for more information and booking!

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