In the News: Las Vegas NFL Draft 2020

Las Vegas – Las Vegas NFL Draft: Update March 14, 2020: REPORT: 2020 NFL Draft postponed, will not be held in Las Vegas According to my sources, Las Vegas is already canceled — it just hasn’t been announced yet — and the league will announce the Draft is being postponed until late May at least — […]

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Do You Like The Idea Of Getting Married In Vegas?

Getting married in Vegas?A pleasantly warm weather, glitzy inviting nightlife, and tons of entertainment options are enough to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to any city. Las Vegas, in Clark County, offers all these and much more. As a matter of fact, one of the city’s greatest attractions, for couples, is its smooth and […]

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Things not to do in Vegas|a must read

“Things not to do in Vegas” We asked our Love Las Vegas Facebook Community to answer this question. For a town where “anything goes’ there are a few things NOT to do. Subscribe HERE for tips, tricks, discounts,updates. Do NOT Swim in the fountains. Do not spit on the sidewalk! Don’t worry about resort fees. Its part […]

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Moving to Las Vegas|a dream come true?

Moving to Las Vegas Are you planning on moving to Las Vegas? We are sure you must be really excited and enthusiastic to make this big decision. After all, it’s Vegas! Most of us dream of visiting Vegas and spend our vacations in the most amazing way possible. You will surely have a great time […]

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Cannabis Vegas|5 Best Activities

The 5 Best Cannabis Activities In Las Vegas! 420 tours Las Vegas If you have been searching for cannabis-friendly hotels and activities in Las Vegas, then we have the top five 420 friendly activities for you! The city of sin just got even better with recreational cannabis being legalized across Las Vegas. While Las Vegas […]

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Enter to win a Las Vegas Lego Set

Live drawing will be held on Friday, September 20, 2019 4pm PST ** extended by a day as want my daughter or son to do drawing…

Simple “rules”

1. Enter your email address above OR here ==> LAS VEGAS LEGO drawing

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Where is Las Vegas?

Where is Las Vegas? We asked our community to answer! You will love their responses. Where is Las Vegas? You can visit wikipedia to answer the question. OR go to Britannica for more information. However, if you want far more enjoyable answers read on. Do you where is Las Vegas is ? 🙂 We asked […]

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Is Las Vegas Lego set for you?

Las Vegas Lego Architectural Set Review What happens in this Las Vegas Lego set 21047 (501 Pieces) ha! Never underestimate Lego. This set is fantastic for anyone who loves LAS VEGAS or who loves Lego and or architecture! This set is absolutely perfect if you love all three! Its fun, its detailed, great for Lego […]

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What Tripadvisor Las Vegas Can Teach You about Vegas

Tripadvisor Las Vegas can be an awesome resource for your Las Vegas vacation. Are you a high roller that enjoys hottest of fun? Or are you a low – key lounger. Someone that simply enjoys lounging back and casually strolling through the city every now and then? Whatever your cup of tea may be, Las […]

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