Visit Vegas: Why Bother?

Visit Vegas? NO way not in a million years would I ever consider it. One of my favorite things when it comes to travelling is uncovering new places that truly surprises me. Everyone thought that I would absolutely hate Africa, but I loved the exotic beauty. I didn’t know Iceland would be so magically beautiful […]

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Things to do in Las Vegas with kids

To receive updates on Las Vegas with kids subscribe here. Are there things to do in Las Vegas with kids? There is a myth that Las Vegas is only for big kids. (adults). Its been dubbed Disney for adults. Yes in many ways it is! BUT Las Vegas with kids can be enjoyed by the […]

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Can you drink tap water in Vegas?

To receive Las Vegas tips and updates ==> SUBSCRIBE HERE Can you drink tap water in Vegas ? is a question many of us locals get asked all the time. And yes I had the same question when I moved here to Las Vegas 17 years ago. Here is what our Love Las Vegas community […]

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Best free things to do in Las Vegas

There is a misconception among some that you need a ton of money to enjoy Las Vegas. Yes, it does require some change to pay for transportation,hotel rooms, and meals. Keep in mind there are a variety of absolutely wonderful free things to do in Las Vegas. You will have priceless memories of these Vegas […]

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Where to find Cheap drinks in Las Vegas

Subscribe HERE for tips, tricks, discounts,updates. Cheap drinks Las Vegas? Yes, there are still plenty of places on and near The Strip to get cheap cocktails, beer,soda,water. There is no reason to pay top dollar,unless of course you want to! This cannot be avoided in top tier restaurants. But if you are looking for Vegas […]

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What is best time to visit Las Vegas?

When is the best time to visit Las Vegas? In our book, anytime is an awesome time to be in Las Vegas. That is why we live here. It is only natural that you feel compelled to make the most out of your trip. Do your research based on your interests and desired activities. Some […]

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