Corona Virus Las Vegas|Concerns and Updates

Corona Virus in Vegas: What is the Status? Please refer to the following resources for current and accurate information regarding Corona Virus in Las Vegas. Things are changing rapidly. Refer to reliable sources NOT social media posts without governmental or well known news sources. At this point, we do not know when it will be […]

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In the News: Las Vegas NFL Draft 2020

Las Vegas – Las Vegas NFL Draft: Update March 14, 2020: REPORT: 2020 NFL Draft postponed, will not be held in Las Vegas According to my sources, Las Vegas is already canceled — it just hasn’t been announced yet — and the league will announce the Draft is being postponed until late May at least — […]

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Kobe Bryant Las Vegas|Mourning & Tributes

Kobe Bryant Las Vegas fans are undoubtedly reeling today. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority canceled the rollout of its latest advertising campaign activities after the stunning death of former Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter. “We try as much as possible to be as sensitive as humanly possible with tragedies like this,” […]

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Plans for Las Vegas Shooting Site announced

MGM has announced plans for the site of the Las Vegas shooting October 1, 2017. The property which is owned by MGM has remained empty since the shooting. The Las Vegas Village and Route 91 Harvest music festival site will be converted into parking lot for Las Vegas Raiders and UNLV Rebel football games as […]

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Virgin Atlantic Las Vegas opening 2021

The birth of Virgin Atlantic Las Vegas Hotel was announced in 2018. Richard Branson’s favorite Las Vegas hotel was the Hard Rock so it is no surprise he made the purchase! Branson enjoyed walking around and viewing the memorabilia of Johnny Rotten, the Rolling Stones, Bowie and other Virgin bands plastered on the walls. Conde […]

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