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Are you addicted to Las Vegas?

We asked our Love Las Vegas Community if they are addicted to Las Vegas. I love the comments. Thank you for your contribution. Feel free to comment if you haven’t done so already/ Reasons I am addicted to Las Vegas I’m addicted to the freedom my husband and I have in Vegas. No. It’s addicted […]

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Vegas 2020 What’s New?

Vegas 2020. Easily one of the nation’s most dynamic cities, Las Vegas is America’s tourist destination. In my opinion, Las Vegas more diverse attractions than any single place on Earth. With so much going on you might wonder how the city of lights keeps turning it up another level. Vegas in 2020 is going to […]

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What Las Vegas is famous For?

What is Las Vegas famous for? In the movies, it is always shown as a Mecca for gambling and fun. And of course, you may have already have heard of the saying that “what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas”. But why? Las Vegas is a place for adults. It is a place where […]

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